Heart of the Disciple

Heart of the Disciple

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A 28-day reflection resource for Advent or any time during the 2022-2023 liturgical year.

In the way that John the Baptist announced the coming of something new, so giving people hope and offering them healing, we are to live lives that inspire others to reach out to God. To do this, we must learn what it means to have the ‘heart of a disciple’ – increasingly open to hearing and responding to God.

Learning to do this takes time, but it begins with simply ‘showing up’. That is to say, we learn to put the time aside each day to allow God to teach us who he is and how he communicates with us.

“Heart of the Disciple” is a new 28-day reflection resource that can be used during Advent by individuals and groups, or at any time during the 2022-2023 liturgical year. Its main purpose is to help us to find a few minutes each day to practice what it means to sit with God and to trust God to lead us forward.

Each day’s reflection is inspired by a short text of scripture, and concludes with a thought or two to take away and with a prayer.